Hi, welcome to DigitalMarketerSteps.com Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018.

If you opened this review while visiting our site and you are not familiar with (WA) Wealthy Affiliate training and services you can check their page and their claims here: See Official WA Site CLICK HERE and take a look around.

Today, in this detailed and honest Wealthy Affiliate Review I am going to cover all their training, services, tools, everything they offer:

  • we will start with covering why someone may be interested in their product
  • what they ‘should’ actually offer to be useful to you?
  • what do they ‘actually’ offer?
  • are they worth your time or not?


If you have found Wealthy Affiliate internet marketing online training website and you are now looking for Wealthy Affiliate Reviews, chances are you want to learn more about Internet and Affiliate Marketing and you want to find out ‘is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or legit’.

This means you want to:

  • start earning money online.
  • maybe you own a brick and mortar business and you want to learn about Local Business Online Marketing.
  • maybe you already have some experience in Digital Marketing and you are after internet marketing tools that can improve your chances of success, e.g. keyword research tools, web hosting with SSL, up to date training to keep on top of things, live support and so on.

Wealthy Affiliate (or WA for short) ‘CLAIMS’ to offer the online digital marketing course you need and all the tools to get you started and keep you going (see some of their claims in the image below)

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 Internet Marketing Online Education

BUT: Your online business success is at stake here!

You need answers to the following questions and my honest  Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 will help you find the aswers:

  • is Wealthy Affiliate going to add real benefit to your business?
  • is WA really going to support you all the way to success?
  • is Wealthy Affiliate ‘s internet and affiliate marketing training relevant? Or is it going to slow you down with ‘out of date’ training?
  • are tools and services included with the WA membership good? Or are they average or even broken?
    • will they speed-up your workflow?
    • is Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting reliable, fast and secure? What about tech support?
  • is Wealthy Affiliate Community active and helpful? Or is it dead and unhelpful?

To be considered a worthwhile business investment, Wealthy Affiliate ‘SHOULD’ offer you:

  • practical step by step education
  • actionable strategies
  • result driven processes
  • efficient tools.

It has to support your efforts and help you achieve the success you know you deserve:

  • it has to be able to take someone new to internet marketing from zero to owning and runnning a profitable website or business online. 
  • it has to provide more experienced marketers with up to date training to keep them on top of changes and networking with like minded people to share and grow together

I do not take your time for granted, but I hope you have a few spare minutes to keep reading and find out the answers to the above questions, your business is at stake here! I will reward your visit to my Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 with a through and honest scrutiny of Wealthy Affiliate features, training and tools so that you can really gain an isight and decide, for yourself, if what they offer is for you or not. I am going to treat you with respect and give you facts.

You can find out more about me and DigitalMarketerSteps.com from the About Us page, if you already know about me and this site you can SKIP this section and go straight to ‘Let’s Get Started‘ below. 

I have been learning and applying internet marketing in a variety of forms for many years. I had success with affiliate marketing, selling physical goods online, PPC marketing, Social Media Marketing, Local SEO, I also own a brick and mortar business that benefits from my online marketing and I was a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate back in 2011. As I got busy with some offline start-up (and my other interests) I eventually left WA in 2012.

Sometime later I went back to online marketing and while running my own online activity I have been a member of a variety of other internet training products and programs, online private groups, online marketing networks.

Recently, you can find me again in Wealthy Affiliate (WA) as Premium Member which gives me a unique position to evaluate not only the progresses of WA since 2011, if any, but also compare WA to all the other training and marketing programs and tools I have been exposed to within the past 18 years or so!

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 – Let’s get started

For your reference you can see the list of Starter/Premium Wealthy Affiliate Features on their official page HERE: Free and Premium features CICK HERE – You can keep their features page open if you want, it may make it easier to follow along with this review.

Wealthy Affiliate: Live Help + Private Messaging + 1 on 1 Coaching + Community

If you were to become a member (of any training and tools platform), you will be spending a lot of time within the member area learning from the training courses and asking for help when you need it. This makes it very important that the ‘environment’ within the member area should be conducive to focused learning and get work done.

It should be motivating and offer an easy way to get help when you need it. If this is a fail, even good training material would not be enough to keep you there.

Here is the deal:

Wealthy Affiliate advertises itself not only as a well-organised content-rich educational platform but also as a community of internet marketers where experience and knowledge is shared between members.

Inside the member area I quickly experienced the priceless value of the community element.

Wealthy Affiliate Training Community Review

Live Help is real!

On top of being able to talk (live chat) to Kyle and Carson (WA founders and successful internet marketers) the Live Help Chat is always populated by other  experienced marketers, 24/7.

There are members from all over the World, all time-zones. You can get answers to your questions within seconds! Just give them the time to type it up!

Wealthy Affiliate Community Review

There is always someone willing to help directly with the answers you were looking for, or able to point you in the right direction, for example, giving you the link to a specific step by step tutorial or video training that shows how to do what you just asked about!

Topics often talked about in the Live Chat are WordPress technical tweaks,  online marketing tips, SEO help, social marketing, tips for ranking your YouTube Videos,  etc…

When you log into your member account you are presented with what basically is a private social platform of like-minded people.

They are all busy starting or strengthening their online business. No idle time-wasters and that is because the majority of the members are Premium Members who surely don’t want to waste membership-time messing about with Facebook-type of funny videos. 

Everyone is friendly and polite, you can get answers and help, or give help if you can/want, quickly and efficiently. 

The Wealthy Affiliate Review

The member area is easy to use with a simple to use menu giving you access to all the training, services and tools.

The middle section shows other members activities such as Blog Posts, Classroom Questions, Training questions… Blog posts are normally about business tips, success stories, suggestions, examples of what is working for them.

Question-Posts are of course requests for help and they are always quickly answered by other members or by Kyle and Carson.

Is this community ethos, the live chat and the live help something you can benefit from?

In most other situations I would say that only you know what’s good for you, but in this specific case I have the presumption to know that you would surely benefit from this specific features because reality is…

  • anyone” who is working on his/her own online business can benefit from being able to create a Question Post and receive a number of answers from more experienced members.
  • anyone” can benefit from jumping on the Live Help Chat and have a problem fixed on the fly so you can keep working and moving forward!
  • anyone” can benefit from having a technical issue fixed ‘quickly’ by SiteSupport (they deal with domain and hosting issues and they fix and reply things very quickly 24/7).
  • anyone” can benefit from being able to send a Private Message to Kyle and Carson for 1 on 1 coaching and they also reply quickly (time-zone permitting)

So, what does this amounts to? You are covered and well taken care of. This is a huge benefit for your business because it is important that you can keep moving forward and can break through obstacles quickly!

But that’s not all… there is a bonus benefit that comes with being part of Wealthy Affiliate:

  • You never feel alone in your quest for success. There is always someone to talk to, always someone willing to help, someone that keeps motivating you.
  • This could mean the difference (when faced with obstacles) between you giving up and you getting some help and encouragement to keep moving forward. The harder you push (on the right path with the right tools and support) the more chances of success you will create for yourself.

1 on 1 Coaching, Mentoring and Support

This needs to be explained, as I said I am going to give you the facts, I am not going to make things look bigger or better than what they really are.

  • 1-on-1 does NOT mean that you are going to get on the phone with Kyle for a couple of hours every day. In fact this refers to you being able to receive coaching answers to your questions, answers 1 on 1 via your question-post, private messages with other more experienced members and indeed Private Messages (1 on 1) with Kyle and Carson (which is great! They are highly successful, down to earth, helpful and friendly).
  • For example, you can run your domain name ideas by them, you can ask them to look at your site so they can help you with ways to improve results, etc… This is invaluable.

You are never far away from getting your questions Answered!

Having said that, there are also additional mentoring opportunities, still free, offered by some experienced members where anyone can take part as long as you put in the effort in learning and applying what you learn. Another good way to keep your training and progress in check! Great stuff!

You can indeed verify all of it by yourself, simply create a Free Account and have a look around, interact with other members, ask questions. 

But keep in mind, do not ask questions like “I just opened a free account, can you tell me how I can make money online?” This type of questions are so generic that would take days to answer fully. Also, that’s what the Free Getting Started Training is for, start with the training then ask specific questions, this way it will be easier for other members to give you a useful answer.

For all the above reasons, this is my verdict on these specific areas of Wealthy Affiliate: 

Community + Live Support + Members Interaction + Speed of Support + Coaching 24/7: 5/5

Wealthy Affiliate: Domains Services

One key factor to consider is you need to make sure your business is really yours, owned by you.

You MUST  ensure the following:

  • you own the domain name (not the company offering web hosting and marketing services)
  • you are able to transfer your domain name if you decide to move it from one registrar to another
  • you are able to move your site if you decide to change hosting provider

Fortunately, Wealthy Affiliate is just like any other reputable Web Hosting Company and Domain Registrar Service. This means, with Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting and Domain Service:

  • yes, you own your domain name and you own your site/content
  • yes, you can move domain registration just like if it was with GoDaddy, Hostgator, etc…
  • yes, if you had your site hosted with Wealthy Affiliate and later you decide to stop the membership and change to a different web host, Wealthy Affiliate gives you 30 Days to move your site to your new host. This is plenty of time.

This is good news and I cannot fault Wealthy Affiliate on this.


What about Domain Name services, does Wealthy Affiliate rip you off on the cost of buying a domain name, privacy protection, SSL Certificates etc…?  Let’s find out.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Compare Domains

I think these numbers speak for themselves.

You have to understand, Wealthy Affiliate claims to have 1,200,000 members. I cannot certify this number. But even if we were talking about hundreds of thousands of members during any calendar year and considering your Premium Membership allows you to host 25 Main Domain Names (and 25 free YourSubDomain.siterubix.com sites), you can see that Wealthy Affiliate is a big player in terms of Web Hosting and Domain Registration.

Tanks to economy of scale and proprietary technology. They can offer great value to the end user.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the items in the comparison table above

What is Privacy Protection and why you need it.

Anyone can look up and retrieve info about the owner of a domain name. Do you realise this means anyone has access to your name, home address and telephone number? This is because you must provide personal info when you purchase a domain name and this info becomes publicly available information.

Privacy Protection will act as a proxy and display the Privacy Protection Proxy Company’s contact details (protecting your personal details).

Anyone who genuinely needs to contact the domain name owner can do it through the Proxy. You are still the owner of course.

This also adds a layer of security against criminals (attempts to steal your domain name).

Privacy Protection is important and with Wealthy Affiliate is ‘included for Free’ when you buy domain names via their domain name service. This is fantastic value!

SSL Certificates.

The deal with Wealthy Affiliate is better than it looks. In fact, Wealthy Affiliate deal on SSL Certificates is AMAZING!

First, why do you need SSL Certificates on your site?

With an SSL Certificate installed on your site, the  web server is able to initiate a secure session with people visiting your website. With this secure connection all web-traffic between the web-browser and the server will be secure.

Wealthy Affiliate Free SSL

Your URL will change from http (unsecured) to https (Secured and it will show a padlock icon in the web browser)

  • SSL is imperative to have when you sell products or services and collect visitors’ information.
  • SEO – Google prefers https to http sites which means you may receive better ranking in Google search engine result (you want the highest ranking possible to attract more organic traffic to your website)

Anywhere else, the price for ‘ONE’ SSL certificate is ‘per domain’ per year. For example, do you know the best price you can get for a Multi SSL Certificate for Three Domains from HostGator? It’s around $80 + Taxes.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you get FREE SSL Certificates for all of your own 25 Domains/Sites you host them! That is a value of at least $225 per year if you bought 25 SSL Certificates elsewhere at the lowest price.

As an internet marketer, you will know you will be making use of those 25 domains, especially if you build niche-websites.

Wealthy Affiliate Domain Services and Deal: 5/5

Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting

Your website ‘is’ your business. If there are problems with the hosting of your site then there will be problems with your business, as simple as that.

Is Wealthy Affiliate WordPress Hosting good enough?

First of all, we are talking about WordPress Hosting here. WordPress is an extremely well-featured framework on which most sites are built today.

You can find free plugins for WordPress that will allow you to do virtually anything. Access these plugins straight from within Wealthy Affiliate Site Tools and you can also access the thousands of free and paid WordPress Themes which will help you get a professional looking website up and running as quickly as possible. 

You can also install your prefered site builder e.g. DiVi etc…

Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting Redundancy

With the Premium Membership, you can host 25 sites with your own Domain Names and 25 free websites  (YourSubDomain.SiteRubix.com). With the Free Starter membership, you can host 2 Websites.

  • If your website runs slow, visitors will leave and will not come back. Who has the patience to wait for things to load
  • If your website runs slow, it will negatively affect your ranking in search engines (because search engines will consider slow loading-times to be a bad experience for the users). 

Wealthy Affiliate servers are fast! Amazon c3.large (faster) servers.

We are talking about ‘top of the range’ framework as used by Companies like Expedia, Netflix, Comcast, Foursquare etc..

Not only this, but WA’s own SiteSpeed feature will help with site speed loading times. And this is included at no extra cost.


  • If your website is down, web surfers will assume your business is dead = No business
  • If your web hosting is not strongly secured you will get hacked
  • if your site is not backed up and you do make some mistake, you could lose some or all of your content and data.

Wealthy Affiliate has your site ‘double hosted’

If your site goes down, their system will automatically switch to the mirror site and your business will keep running!

Daily back-ups

Back-ups of your sites are automatically performed every day and in the event of troubles, WA Site Support will restore your website for you.

I can confirm that the restoring of a site or parts of a site with ‘other’ web hosting Companies is NOT free! With Wealthy Affiliate, this restoring service is also FREE/included at no extra cost.

They also include:

  • Comment Spam protection

  • Back Office Hacking protection

  • Website Load Speeds attack protection (Botnet Attacks)

  • 500,000 Visitors/Month (way more bandwidth than the competitor WordPress Hosting Platforms!)

Wealthy Affiliate Web Host Protection Review

It looks like Web Hosting included with the membership has everything you need. Any negatives? 

Well, you are only going to have to look elsewhere if for example you want to run Joomla (instead of WordPress) to create your sites (which requires programming knowledge) or other alternative frameworks. So, in a way, with Wealthy Affiliate your site has to be based on WordPress and I don’t thing anyone has a problem with that.

Also, if you wanted anything more specific, install your own server-side software for some very unique custom site setup, you are going to have to look at ‘dedicated’ servers, and just as an example, a small ‘value’ dedicated server from Hostgator ‘starts’ at $120/month… and that is just for the server!

So, for WordPress Hosting with excellent additional hosting features and fast tech support, all included as part of a whole platform membership…



I Rate Wealthy Affiliate Hosting with an easy: 5/5 

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018: The Training

Certification Training Courses

The Training Courses are very much to the point, step by step training with both easy to follow video walkthroughs and written material with images.

The Certification Courses are split into 5 Levels

  • each level comprises 10 Lessons.
  • each Lesson is split into step by step actionable tasks. This allows you to build and progress your business applying what you learn, step by step, gradually building into a worthwhile online business activity.

Note: Each of these 5 Levels currently has actual students’ ratings/reviews that vary between 9.2/10 and 10/10! 

The image to the right is a screenshot of the Certification Course Menu from where you can access all Five Levels.

If you click on a Level it will take you, automatically, to the last lesson you were working on.

This also gives you an overview of your completion per each Level, it shows the ‘Actionable’ Tasks completed so far (e.g. Task 5/36). You can track your progresses and feel motivated to get that progess bar to 100%!

Note: those Star Ratings are from actual ‘Paying Members’! If paying members give 5/5 Star Ratings it surely means this is good stuff people are happy to have paid for!

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Training Course

Level 1 – Getting Started: this is part of the training content open to Free Members

This is the ‘new-user’ introductory training and deals with getting-started topics at a very simple level. Understanding the basic principles of making money online, choosing a niche/sector, setting up a website, creating menus and getting the site ready for search engines, understanding concepts of keyword research and creating initial content.


From Level Two to Level Five, training progresses with topics and tasks including:
  • Domain and Brand
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization to achieve first page top rank)
  • Targeted Content
  • Email accounts
  • Traffic
  • Images Tips to speed up ranking
  • Online customers’ purchase cycle
  • Affiliate Programs and Affiliate Marketing.
  • AdSense and earning money, placing advertising on your sites and how to decide if AdSense is for your or not.
  • Google Analytics topics.
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Social Engagement
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Google +
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Content Plans
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • … and more…

Affiliate Bootcamp Training

Divided into 7 Phases with 10 Lessons per Phase. Each lesson has Video and Written content and it is all Task-based so you can apply what you learn straight away.

As per the Certification Training above, you access it via a Menu that shows your current progress per each Phase. 

Note: Actual Paying Members’ reviews (stars) for each Phase has ratings between 9.6/10 and 10/10!

The affiliate Bootcamp training is more specific to Affiliate Marketing and to Wealthy Affiliate Marketing but you can use this detailed set of training to conduct effective affiliate marketing for any type of product you decide to promote.

The training is very effective and goes into even more advanced detail with targeting audience, Google, Bing and Yahoo marketing, PPC and how to scale up successful PPC campaigns.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Affiliate Bootcamp Training

Training Classrooms – Thirteen Different Classrooms

NOTE: These Classrooms are in addition to the Certification and Bootcamp training discussed above.

Each classroom has its own dedicated set of Videos, Written Tutorials and ‘Question & Answers’ threads. 

Plenty of Members-Created content here as well. Content is searchable which is great.

I am not going to give Classrooms a full score and this is because together with the latest tutorials and videos there are also older tutorials and videos. Don’t get me wrong, for each tutorial and for each video there is a clearly displayed ‘Published-Date’ which means if the tutorial in the search result is dated 2016 you should simply look for a newer version, pretty obvious. 

But, if you are totally new, and do not realise that what you are reading is not the latest info, you could get confused.

Because of this, I can only rate Classrooms: 4/5

Wealthy Affiliate Review Classrooms

Live Video Classes

On top of the effective and constantly updated training discussed above (Classrooms, Affiliate Bootcamp, Certification Training,  experienced members sharing knowledge and helping you out)… there is one more source of top-notch actionable training! The weekly Live Video Classes are true indisputable gems.

Every weekly live video is:

  • current
  • packed with actionable steps you can implement in your business straight away
  • explained step by step
  • being ‘Live,’ you can ask questions!
  • each video has its own replay page with question/discussion thread 

Note: these live webinar videos are pure training. There is no selling.


There is no selling or upselling anywhere within Wealthy Affiliate!

Every video is then uploaded to the Member area so you can watch them at any time.

The online marketing topics covered in the videos encompass virtually all you would want to know,

  • from Local Business Online Marketing and Local SEO to How to Rank your new page quickly in search engines.
  • From Traffic Strategies to creating AMP versions of your site (for mobile devices).
  • Woocommerce Sites
  • WordPress topics
  • How to do Live Streaming
  • Hosting you own Webinars
  • Google Adwords
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • SEO
  • Converting from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Writing ‘Product Reviews’
  • Promoting on YouTube
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Niche Research
  • … and I could go on… but you get the point!

On top of this, videos also deal with Case Studies where they do it all live!

  • research a niche
  • build a site
  • rank it at the top of first page in Google
  • drive traffic and sales to it

… and you can ‘see’ the whole process!

So, not only you get the training, you also get to see that their training works. They implement the training before your eyes, live. PROOF that what they teach works!

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Live Video Classes

Plus, now and then, they also do videos where they analyse a member’s site for possible improvements.

I know I am telling the truth when I say: there are other marketers’ membership training sites that cost MUCH more and offer far less content/value than you can find in the Live Video Classes area alone!

That is without even considering the other training available on Wealthy Affiliate, Web Hosting, Content creation and Research tools, etc… Not surprised Wealthy Affiliate has been going strong year after year since it started more than ten years ago!

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 10 Years of Internet Marketing Training

I am not going to give full marks here simply because the separate Classrooms content may show some older training mixed with the up to date training…

…but the Classrooms new Content, Certification Courses, The Affiliate Bootcamp, The Excellent Live Video Training and constant additions from Members is All Top Notch and bang on Up To Date!


Wealthy Affiliate Overall Training Quality, Quantity, Relevancy, Frequency of Updates: 4.8/5

Wealthy Affiliate Review: Content Creation Tools

SiteContent: this takes care of Content Creation, Image Finding, Content posting and Writing Stats.

Unless you are outsourcing it, Content Writing is going to be one of your main tasks.

It is important to have an organised way to create your articles, reviews, blogs, product presentations, whatever it is that your business deals with. Wealthy Affiliate SiteContent tool comes in very handy and it offers:

  • you can create your own ‘buckets’ of content to keep your work organized in a way that suits you
  • overall containers for published and unpublished content so that you can get back to your drafts quickly
  • each document-thumbnail offers a preview (title, a few lines of text) word-count and time info. It also shows icons indicating if that piece of content has been indexed in Google! Stats Preview.
  • a template system: you can also create your own templates to get a speed boost for your next piece of writing
  • a Stats and Goals section with words-count, published/indexed, Progress graph and it comes with daily, weekly, monthly and custom period display of data.
  • ACCESS AND CHOOSE FROM OVER 1,000,000 IMAGES. free to use for your sites
  • Grammar and Spelling check
  • Plagiarism Checker – It analyses your content and checks the web for Duplicate Content. This way you can avoid ruining your search engine rankings! 
  • And last but not least.. when your content is ready you can choose to post it to any of your sites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate. Post your new article straight from within SiteContent Tool!

If I consider, one can actually buy content-writing software to do similar things to what SiteContent offers and this is actually included in your membership… it is hard not to get excited here! 

I would always keep a local back-up of my content on my own hard disk, but there is a very important added benefit you gain with using Wealthy Affiliate SiteContent:

  • you can access it online from anywhere and from any device! Do you like writing while travelling? Log into your member area, access SiteContent and keep writing and posting… keep your business going.

Sometimes I access SiteContent from my iPhone or iPad! Yes, you can create posts for your business while waiting for the bus to arrive or while sipping coffee at Starbucks or while in a Dentist’s waiting room!

This is another tool that shows how committed Wealthy Affiliate appears to be, so far in this review, to help you keep your business organised and moving forward. This is smart!

Wealthy Affiliate Content Writing Tools: 5/5

Wealthy Affiliate Review: Research Tools

Keyword (and more) Research Tool – Jaaxy

Keyword research is going to help you big time with generating organic traffic for your site. You need keywords that attract traffic and that have little competition. Keywords you know you can use to rank at the top of search engine results. This is what you need to rank at the top of first-page in Google!

Wealthy Affiliate has always included a capable Keyword Research Tool but in December 2017 Wealthy Affiliate introduced a great upgrade for keyword research to all members, free and premium. Jaaxy is a sister-company of  Wealthy Affiliate. It is an advanced keyword Research Tool which normally costs $49 per month for the Pro version and there is also an Enterprise version.

Why is this a big deal? – Jaaxy is a powerful research tool and how do I know this? I have been using Jaaxy Pro since 2011! It is my keyword research tool of choice, as simple as that!

Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool Jaaxy Review

Even as a free member you get access to a Starter version of Jaaxy which is still nicely featured although, of course, as a Wealthy Affiliate ‘Premium’ Member you get access to a better-featured version which includes

  • unlimited searches
  • 100 SiteRank scans per month! (to check how well your site or a competitor-site is ranking for your chosen keywords in Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines!) 
  • affiliate program search
  • and other features like saving keywords to your own custom lists.
  • competition sites analysis

Jaaxy is a great tool for both keyword research and competition-analysis where you can find out competitors’ details including SEO elements. With Jaaxy it is easy to find keywords that will attract traffic to your site with little competition. 

By the way, this was not the only new feature recently added to the member area at no extra cost!

Kyle and Carson (and their team) not only keep adding new and up to date training but they also keep improving and adding features to the member area, every year, and one amazing thing here is that the cost of the Premium membership has not gone up!

When you put together a powerful research-tool and a helpful content-creation tool, you know you will never run out of ideas and content to start new sites, keep existing sites growing, improving search engine rankings… efficient tools that realistically and efficiently will help you achieve your goals and strengthen your online business.

Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Research Tool Jaaxy: 5/5

Link Tracking

Another valuable tool for any type of internet marketing is the ability to:

  • cloak your long link or affiliate link under an easier to read and more user friendly url-link. This will make it easier for your readers to click on your links and, very important, a link cloaker will also protect your link from scammers trying to hijack your link.
  • track your links’ performance which allows you to track, analyse and optimise the marketing of your business be that on web pages or with paid advertising.

Wealthy Affiliate Link Tracking tool offers all of this. You can create custom links for your needs and you can then see how many clicks each link was able to generate. So if you have linked to your business page from ten different places (social media, videos, etc…) you will know exactly which of these ten places is generating more clicks/traffic.

If for example you had two paid adverts: with Link Tracking you will be able to tell which paid advert is losing you money and which paid advert is driving traffic to your site so that you can drop the loser and keep the winner!

You can add your Google or Yahoo or MSN conversion tracking IDs so you can integrate it all together. If you are new, don’t worry about this now, what is important to know is that after your website is up and running, you will need Link Tracking to help you focus your efforts and improve your results. Wealthy Affiliate scores well here because they have you covered!

This Link Tracking tool works well and it should be simple enough to use for everyone. There is some advanced feature I would have liked to find here, for example, the ability to rotate the link destination between at least two choices, this would help with split testing automation.

Of course, it is possible that more advanced features will be added later and if you are new to internet marketing the Link Tracking tool will take care of everything you need.

Because there is scope for adding more advanced functionality I Only Rate Link Tracking with a: 4/5

Wealthy Affiliate Review: SiteRubix

We have already talked about Domains and Web Hosting offered at Wealthy Affiliate, both part of a larger suite of tools and services which is part of WA and called Site Rubix

Site Rubix includes

Site Manager:

This is where you can administer your sites.

For each website, you have a useful overview of the quantity of content, comments, monitoring status for your site protection, Search Engine Indexing status, Log In to your WordPress Site Admin Area, site speed checker with Google PageSpeed Insights, access Comments and Feedback systems, etc..

This gives you an efficient overview and quick access to what you need really.

(From here you can also access Site Health but more about this shortly.)

Site Builder:

you go here to create a new site. This is really quick! You type in your domain name (or subdomain), title (can edit later) and choose a WordPress Theme to get start with… and there  you go, it than take less than 30 seconds for your site to be up! All ready and installed for you to customize and fill with content.


from here you administer your Domain Names, Name Servers, Redirects, FTP Access, Renewals, Transfer Domains, Point outside domains to WA DNS, etc…


we have already talked about this great tool, see above where I talk about the Content Writing tools.


from here you can access tech support which happens to have an excellent fast response time. I contacted tech support recently to ask activation of PHP Editor Editing on one of my new sites and I received email confirmation of it being done and ready for me to use within 3 MInutes!

Site Health

Site Health, Website Analysis.

This is a great visual way to see an immediate report on how well your site is doing and what you should do to improve results.

I love this feature when creating new sites. It keeps you on track and  speeds up the process of deciding what you should be doing next to improve your site.

It does not get easier than this. Wealthy Affiliate tools really hold your hand from zero to having a fruitful website up, running and producing results!

SiteFeedback, A free Focus Group for your Website

Here you can ask other members for feedback on your business website.

If you are new, you will understand that your first site will be your experimental site to learn from. 

I consider SiteFeedback particularly useful to new online marketers. You get quick and useful feedback from other more experienced marketers…


If your pages and posts are lacking in comments, visitor-engagement (which are factors that affect your search engine rankings), especially when your site or individual post is new… then you can exchange comments for your site.

This will give you a good boost with search engine rankings and help keep your site up there where you want it. Another great feature to accelerate your road to success.

Note: there are rules and guidelines here, comments will have to be true. What I mean is, when exchanging comments you will need to actually read the published post and write a comment that is real, relevant, constructive. Indeed, comments need to be approved and this makes sure the quality of comments is high. This is not about ‘copy and paste’ fake comments.

Managing Domains, Building Sites, Site Tracking, Feedback and Comment Systems: 5/5

Additional Benefit – Rank performing Blog

Wealthy Affiliate platform enjoys a good reputation with search engines. The fact that it is a very active site with hundreds of thousands of active members, tells search engines that Wealthy Affiliate pages are full of engagement and worth reading.

If you combine Jaaxy Keyword/Topic Research with posting a Blog Post from your member profile area, you have a good chance for that specific blog-post to quickly rank on first-page in Google.

I did this recently when I wanted to grab some search engine traffic based on the topic of Facebook changing their News Feed algorithm. I created a quick and, honestly, rough blog post before having to leave home to go pick up my son from school. I didn’t even have time to look at spell-check… I came back home 40 minutes later and my blog post was at second place on first page of Google, first place was the official Facebook announcement :)!

Not bad for a quick blog post 🙂 – This just shows the reputation of Wealthy Affiliate in the eyes of search engines when it come to quality of content and overall engagement value.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership For Success?

The advantage of being a member of Wealthy Affiliate is that you can stop chasing the next big shiny object (products with fake promises of earning $100,000 within 3 weeks) because everything you need to get started and bring your online business to generate profits is within the WA member area. 

The moment you stop looking for the next magic product is the moment you start spending time on something that works and a training you can use to change your passion and interests into a real online income. 

NOTE: When I say that everything you need is within the member area I refer to the technical infrastructure, the training, the tools, support and coaching.

  • There are no physical products within the member area – This is not Multi Level Marketing.
  • This is not a closed system that forces you to only sell this or that product where all members end up with the same website and products

This is much better!

  • Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to change any interest and passion in a real online business you can run from home or from a laptop. 
  • It can be any product or service or business idea
  • It’s about marketing online in a successful way
  • You can apply the teaching and coaching for whatever type of product you decide to promote, including affiliate products (e.g. Amazon Affiliate Program)

Not only it teaches you how to do it step by step but also gives you the tools to do it like fast and secure web hosting, privacy protection, SSL, research tools, tracking tools, content creation tools, 24/7 monitoring, 24/7 live help, etc…

You gain the advantage of having it all under one roof, this way you can stop searching and you can start doing! CLICK the Green Button and check it out for FREE, You will thank me later!

Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?

  • beginners: from those who want to run a business part time from home… to those who want to run a business full time from home
  • intermediate: you have some online marketing experience but you can benefit from additional up to date training and all the services and tools you need to get to the next level 
  • seasoned marketer and consultants: you are ready to make the most of up to date content, networking, solid Web Hosting, SSL, 24/7 Tech Support, Research Tools, Content Creation Tools and more, you even get rewarded for creating training within the member area (all members can to this and get rewarded).
  • anyone else? If you think you are in a unique situation and are not sure if you can make use of all the tools, remember, there is a FREE STARTER PACKAGE where you can simply create a FREE Account, get into the member area and try things out. Not everything is available to free members but you can get a taste of it and you can keep the free account and free websites without time limits!


dear friends,

I feel I have dissected and exposed most of what Wealthy Affiliate offers. As promised at the beginning of this review, I presented you the facts, the real features and I tried to explain them as much as possible!

By now you should have a pretty good idea about the benefits that Wealthy Affiliate with all these high-quality services, tools and training can bring to your online business venture.

If you consider What It Offers and The Price Of The Membership…

you will agree with me that it is impossible to rate Wealthy Affiliate Membership any lower than a nice round OVERALL  5/5

I hope you will not waste this opportunity to check WA out for FREE. I will see you inside the member area!

It would be my pleasure to meet you in the member area and show you around! YES, if you register an account you will be able to communicate with me, I am a real person and marketer.

 I will be able to help you directly from within the Members Area! 

Wealthy Affiliate Review Conclusion

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