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Digital Marketer Steps is the result of my desire to Help others with:

  • understanding Digital Marketing (Step by Step)
  • learning white-hat Digital Marketing’s benefits (Don’t get shut down!)
  • using Digital Marketing to start their own online business
  • using Digital Marketing to market their Offline Business Online.
  • applying Digital Marketing for long-term benefits and success.

Hi, I am TC and I first started learning about Internet Marketing about twenty years ago when after creating my first website hand-coded in HTML (WordPress and Site Builders did not exist back then) I needed a way to let other online users know about it!

After that, I have always been focused on work I did around my other passions and activities (music and games’ development) but I never stopped learning and using Online Marketing.

Digital Marketer Steps Inception

During all these years, I have always been learning more and implementing Digital Marketing to generate additional income online:

  • sell physical goods online
  • generate affiliate marketing sales for products I considered to be useful and effective
  • apply effective SEO to achieve good ranking in Google and other search engines – Heck… I have been doing that since before Google was a thing. Altavista, Netscape anyone? If you are not a teenager you may remember those!
  • I have also been implementing Local SEO for my own brick and mortar business and other businesses.

While successfully implementing Digital Marketing generating results via Article Marketing, Facebook Advertising, PPC, SEO, etc… over these many years, I have also seen a lot of bad things which are scary for new-comers:

  • internet scammers
  • superficial marketers selling rubbish products
  • sellers of fake loopholes tactics
  • internet training material that is out of date and sold as current!
  • promoters of bad internet marketing tactics which may appear to give you quick results but the only guaranteed result you get is a banned Facebook Account, a Banned Google AdWord Account, and so on… not a good way to try and build a Sustainable Income Online

At the same time, I have only seen ‘very few’online digital marketing course training platforms offering:

  • true, honest, effective training with a good amount of help and support that can truly allow a new-comer learn about digital marketing and start generating an income online
  • ‘up to date’ actionable content that is useful for both the new internet marketer and the more seasoned one.

This is why I decided to create Digital Marketer Steps ( to help others avoid the pitfalls of bad internet marketing (which will get you burned and lose you money) and promote instead what I know to be effective digital marketing that will help you achieve your own online success goals, gradually, and most important, in a way that will indeed create a sustainable income online!

Recently I moved away from my other offline activities to focus more on my online business with the intent of creating and strengthening a sustainable online income which will give me peace of mind many years from now when I would be too old to work offline :). Yes, online income is also part of my own retirement plan, if this resonates with you then bookmark this site and make good use of the content I will be posting and the resources I will be using.

Having experienced the benefits that Digital Marketing can bring to those who want to work from home, or from a laptop while on the move, Digital Marketer Steps is my communication channel that will offer step by step digital marketing help to those who want to learn and create their own online business and want to do it in an effective and safe way.

How can you start benefitting from Digital Marketer Steps and me Help

  1. start with bookmarking this site so you won’t have trouble finding it next time. 
  2. proceed with reading my existing articles and guides
  3. read my Digital Marketing Reviews to get the true low down on a number of resources, training platforms, services, tools and software for the Digital Marketer
  4. check back often to read my new Digital Marketing Articles and Digital Marketer Step by Step guides I will be adding to this site.
  5. Keep an eye open for my upcoming Topic Request Email Sign Up Page. I will have a poll for you where you can indicate your current biggest obstacle and the type of online business you are interested in. This way I will be able to schedule coverage-help-answers for your most pressing issues within the upcoming articles and guides for this site. 
  6. Read the Secret Number 1 below and Take Action!

Secret Number 1 – Secret for generating an income online: Online Income does not happen for the dreamers who simply keep dreaming, it only happens for those who dream and keep the dream alive while actually making a ‘real effort’ at making their dream come true… you just need a little help to get started and some support along the way!

If you want help to achieve your online dream, if you have questions…  you can find me (every day) within this Member Area (FREE ACCESS): Wealthy Affiliate Free Access To Member Area

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate internet marketing learning community and (if you are learning about digital marketing and need help) so should you! Join FREE.


To your success!



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