There is no other way to say it.

If you are smart then you are already using (or are looking for) a useful and user-friendly Article Writer Tool. If you can get your hands on a Free Web Content Management System you will be rocking content creation for your site without going crazy (e.g. trying to keep track of your work) and without having to spend thousands of dollars for paid ‘content management systems’.

Assuming you have been online for more than a week (and assuming you have not been looking at old/scammy websites), you will be familiar with how important ‘quality’ content is for your website and you should be familiar with these next three words ‘Content Is King‘.

Whichever type of online presence you have, a personal blog or a business website, you cannot get away from the fact you need to write good content for your site.

You may even run more than one site which means you need to create, edit, publish and index content (articles, pages, posts) for each of your website properties.

Centralizing your content management tasks is going to be your secret weapon to keep yourself sane, efficient and productive.

Free Web Content Management System Article Writer Tool
Myself, I am a happy user of a Free Article Writer Tool and Free Web Content Management System (and I mean free, nothing to pay at all). It is called Site Content and it is part of the SiteRubix family of tools.

This is an online web content writing tool which is available within the ‘Free’ Starter Membership of Wealthy Affiliate online business marketing platform. You do not need a paid premium membership to make use of Site Content Tool/System and you can get the Free Starter Membership simply by registering with your email address, no purchase and no credit card details necessary. 

You can see my full Wealthy Affiliate Review HERE

Ok, what does SiteRubix’s SiteContent offer?

  • A centralized system: you can write and keep posts and pages for your websites
  • Grammar Checker (grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure)
  • Conveniently organize your content articles/posts into buckets, e.g. each different site could be a different bucket
  • Search and Access free to use images for your content (This is a premium feature though)
  • Create and use Templates (you could create Review Templates, for example, to get a head-start when creating any future review)
  • Duplicate Content ‘Checker’. Before Publishing, your article is checked online for duplicate content, this helps you to avoid ‘search-engine duplicate content trouble’.
  • Check Google Index status for each of your articles.
  • This is good… you can set your own Writing Goals! (Number of articles within a specific timeframe and/or word count within a specific timeframe).
  • Real-Time Stats Report: Writing Level, Indexed Status, Word Count, Word Count/Goal, Articles, Articles Number/Goals, Written Words per period…

Although I am a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate, to effectively show you how you can benefit from this tool, I created a new ‘free’ starter account. This way I can show you how this writing tool and web content management system can work for you if you were to create a free account.

You can create a Free Account very quickly HERE

After you register for a free account, you can access SiteRubix tools from the left menu.


From the picture, you can see the first four SiteRubix tools available to free members

  • Site Manager: even as a free member you can host a couple of free sites and manage them from here
  • Site Builder: this is where you go to choose your WordPress template and get your site built quickly
  • Site Domains: you can buy domain names which include Privacy Protection and SSL if hosted at Wealthy Affiliate
  • Site Content: this is the Free Content Creation and Management System discussed in this post.


In this other Review of Wealthy Affiliate 2018, all the tools Free and Premium are discussed in detail: HERE

Article Writer Tool and Web Content System-Access

Site Content – FREE Article Writer Tool and Web Content Management System – DASHBOARD

This is what your Site Content dashboard looks like at the start

Article Writer Tool System Dashboard

Site Content Article Templates and Blank Pages

When you create a new article, you will have a choice of starting from a blank new document or use any of your existing Templates.

Article Writer Tool Create New Article Options
There are a few already made templates (Privacy Policy, About me…) but you can create your own templates, for example, you could have a template with your favourite layout/break-down of Product Reviews type of posts.

Content Writer Tool – Example Use

This is a fake article I created just to show you how it all works, I copied some Lorem Ipsum info and text and pasted it into the content area of a New Article.

Clean and focused writing environment with essential features.

Quick buttons to create templates, organise within a bucket, publish, add images.

Word Count displayed at the bottom.

Autosave Feature

Article Writing Tool Editor

What I like about this Article Writing Editor Is:

  • It is online, hosted, which means you can stop and carry on writing your articles from anywhere, even via your smartphone or tablet. Being able to access your work and keep working on it at any time is something I personally love about Site Content


  • It is simple and streamlined with only essential features. It keeps you focused on writing.


  • It has those formatting options which are key to SEO and make your article feel easy to read. Headings, Alignment, Hyperlinks creation, Lists, etc…


  • The coloured button (just before the ABC button) allows you to add images quickly. NOTE: This is a Premium Member Only Feature
    • Search over ‘One Million’ safe and free to use images or upload your own images.
    • Images inserted from within SiteContent can be cropped to the desired size.
    • Images inserted from within SiteContent will be automatically compressed in size. You will save time and your site will load quicker.
    • This allows you to add images to your post on the fly. You do not need to go to a separate website to search for images. Keep the flow going, write, write and write.
Content Writing Tool Image Search and Upload Images
  • Grammar Checker (ABC button). This will check for
    • Grammar
    • Spelling
    • Punctuation
    • Sentence Structure
Content Writing Tool Grammar Spelling Check


When done, you can SAVE your article and, if ready to publish, you can Publish it. If you do not publish it, you can keep working on it whenever and publish it later.

NOTE: you can only publish directly from Site Content if you have a domain or a free website active with Wealthy Affiliate. If not, you can still use SiteContent to create, edit, organize your content, set goals, see real-time content stats, etc… All good!

Choose to which site you want to publish.

Is it a Post or a Page?

Choose the user (writer-name account)

Edit the Permalink then hit the green Publish button.

Note, if you do not have a site or a free site hosted by Wealthy Affiliate, you can still use Site Content to create and edit your content online. You can always click on the ‘cog’ icon and select ‘Mark As Published’, this way you can still make use of ‘Goals & Stats’ updates.

To publish to your site hosted elsewhere, copy from here and paste the content into a New Page or Post over to your site.

Web Content Management System Publish Options
Content Writing Tool Options

Make this a Template allows you to save the current article as a template, as simple and as useful as that.

Templates are very useful to kick-start new articles of the same type.

It’s all about saving time, getting yourself into writing quickly and with focus.

Web Content Management System Templates

Buckets are simply containers you can create to hold and organize your content. For example, you could create a Bucket for each website, or buckets based on types of content or niches. Whatever works for you really.

Content Writing Tool Bucket Folders

Web Content Management Dashboard – Article Thumbnail

From the main Dashboard page, each article is shown as a Preview Thumbnail. The thumbnail contains the article Title, Image, Preview of Text.

Article Thumbnail Useful Info

  • Word Count
  • Time
  • G: Indexed on Google (or not if greyed out)
  • Bucket: it’s in a bucket. You can click the icon to change buckets.
  • Publish Icon: Article published or not
  • Trashcan: Delete Article

You can catch this info and edit buckets etc… straight from the thumbnail, no need to open the article.

Save Time!

Web Content Management System Articles Preview Stats

Writing Content – Goals and Stats

It is always a good idea to set goals and to keep track (stats) of progress.

As an example, I have added a few more words to that test article and set some goals. I have also marked that article as ‘published’, used a Template and this is how things look like in the Stats & Goals section.

Web Content Management System Goal And Stats Reports
This is pretty awesome!

To have all this functionality for FREE… I mean why on earth would anyone not make use of it?

There is more!

One of the reasons why I am a paying a member of Wealthy Affiliate is that they keep improving and adding features.

Indeed, just recently, they have upgraded the member area with a new and better keyword tool, Jaaxy (Free Members can also access Jaaxy – Premium Members have access to an enhanced version of Jaaxy)

One of the latest improvements is, better integration between Jaaxy and Site Content Article Writing Tool.

Now, from your keyword research session, you can select keywords and send them straight to SiteContent and ‘automatically’ create a new Article Page with those selected keywords or save a draft for later use!

Web Content Management System Keyword Research

See those two buttons? (Top right of Jaaxy image)

  • Create Draft for later: it creates a new file with title and notes about the selected keyword
  • Write Post Now: it creates a new file as per the Draft option but it also takes you straight to Site Content, to the new automatically created article file and you can start writing straight away!

I love tools that help you get to the point quickly. Save time and keep the flow moving forward.

All in the interests of getting work done quickly and efficiently. 


Ok, folks, I think you should have a good idea by now about why I like and use ‘Site Content’ to write my content.

Actually, this page you are reading right now was also written in Site Content.

As a premium member, I do have access to additional features both with Jaaxy and SiteRubix, but honestly, if you consider you can access all the features I mentioned above with a simple free account… what are you waiting for? 


Go… Start Writing Your New Articles Today!

  1. Sign up for a Free Account Now
  2. Set your goals
  3. Start writing today!

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